Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adult Dating

How To Find a No Strings Friendship?
Well we know there are 2 very popular ways that men and women hookup for no strings attached relationships.  The first are classified advertising sites, such as Craigslist or Adult Online Dating sites.
The next question is which is safer?  I would recommend an adult dating website, only for the simple fact you may get to know someone a little first before meeting for sex.  Craigslist, is great if you want to buy a car or furniture, but realistically to meet for sex.  Maybe, it is the fact that over the past few years several women have been murdered using the Craigslist website.  Rumor has it some of the women were prostitute also.  If you want a sexual relationship perhaps a women who is willing to have sex with you and does not prostitute herself either.  Chances of STD's  are a lot less.
A lot of people complain that adult dating sites will sucker you into using your credit card.  However, not all dating sites ask you to pay upfront.  Most will never ask for a credit card number unless you so desire to upgrade a membership level.  Plus, there are a lot of other features that come with adult dating sites, over a classified ad.  You can see photos, videos, talk in chat or instant message.  Also webcam chat, which is very popular.  It gets you built up and sexually stimulated to know this person you may be playing with on camchat, the next time it could be a very hot night of sexual satisfaction.
Remember, this is just an opinion but sometimes like the old saying is better to be safe than sorry.  You can still have hot wild sex without worries!

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