Friday, July 29, 2011

Can I Make a Lot of Money Working as a Cam Model for MyFreeCams?

So many girls on MFC talk about how they are making serious money. Well, it is true some girls are making some serious cash there. They are also all the top models on MFC. Well, they all started the same way with a cam score of 1000. Rumor has it that some of the studio's tip their own girls to get them a high cam score, or some of the Porn Stars are given a cam score of 10,000 when they start.

If your just the average camgirl and never worked for a site like MFC, I will tell you study the site, study the top girls. Do not copy what they are doing but get ideas. I would suggest, even sign up as a member to the site before working there. Understand how the site works. If you don't get the whole concept, chances are you will fail and end up with a bad cam score.

What is this camscore?

Every new model who is hired by MFC is given a camscore of 1000. You need to get your camscore up. Trust me you don't want it to drop. All new models get a tag that states "NEW MODEL", this will bring traffic to your chat room. This is when you want to build a fan base, while you have this on your avatar. Nobody knows for sure how the camscore is calculated. For some strange reason, MFC does not want cam girls knowing how the score system works. It is believed to be based on the amount of time you are logged on and how many tokens you have made in that amount of time. This is why I insist, study the site and the girls if you really want to be a model there. Once your camscore drops, you fall from the first page. You then get less traffic. I have seen girls with a camscore of 700 with maybe 2 premium members in their room and nothing going on. Which means, she is struggling to make money. Make your room fun, be energetic, move around, talk a lot, dance, play games and ALWAYS set a topic.

What are tokens worth to the model?
Should I Sign Up as a Cam Model at MyFreeCams?
Every token you get in tips, private or group shows are worth .05 each. For example if you receive a 100 token tip, that is $5.00. A lot of girls will set a topic to get their goal. You see girls advertise 2000 for public cum show. They push for it, and you will see many girls log off after a certain period of time if they don't receive tips in a timely manner, and will not do the show if they do not reach their goal. Keep this in mind, why would you? This may be a free site, however if you're a model, you are there to earn a living.

Tips for All New MFC Newbies.

This is why I mentioned to set up a basic account, if you want to upgrade to a Premium member for $20.00 do it. This will help you understand what the members are doing. A lot of new girls ask guests and basics for tokens. They don't have any. Only premium members can tip you or pay for a private or group show.

I try to give this advice, because the biggest mistake I made as a camgirl was to start with MFC as my first place to cam. I didn't know anything about the industry and to really top it off, I started with one of the most competitive sites. I learned a lot and worked my ass off to get my score back up. At this time I am not camming any longer, but want to pass along any advice that may help a new girl. So, if you want to make some serious cash, it is possible at MyFreeCams but please follow some of my tips.

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