Friday, July 29, 2011

Forums For Anyone Who Works in The WebCam or Adult Industry

These are a list of a some forums that are for anyone who works in the adult industry. This is not just for camgirls. These forums, give a lot of feedback from other employees of the adult industry, as far as what sites to watch out for or who is great to work for. Everything from tips on where to buy sex toys right up how to deal with the free chat beggars.

MyFreeCam Models: Check out
This is strictly for MFC Camgirls. AmberCutie is one of MFC's top models, plenty of great tips and advice on this forum., this is a great site. They actually cover adult work right up to work at home jobs, that are vanilla. another awesome site!

This is my personal favorite however, so many great girls there and lots of incredible tips and advice here: This site covers everything especially for cam girls, they talk about all the cam sites, stripping, you name it!

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