Friday, May 11, 2012 Adult Social Networking Website Review is an adult social networking website.  Its set up like facebook, but with tons of members posting nude sexy pics of themselves, videos and a public webcam chat room.  Its a very easy site to navigate.  As a female member you are bit overwhelmed with the friend requests.  A lot of the guys complain that women don't show them much attention.  Simple reason, as with all adult websites a majority of the members are male.  For every 20 men, there is a 1 female ratio.  I know this because, I do belong to other adult social/dating websites as well.  That is just a fact that comes along with any type of no strings attached website.  If it were a cam site it would be the opposite.  Then there are plenty of men and women.

Some features that I do enjoy is the cam chat room.  This is a pubic chat room, a member can turn on their webcam if they decide to and if you do not want to it's all up to the user.  It is a lot of fun in their, then sometimes there is drama.  Nothing unusual.

Instant Messaging, is another feature this is tricky you can only takes so many IM's at once.  Men are the first one to bitch, "Why wont u answer my im?"  Simple, either I have too many going, or you are completely  an obnoxious beggar.   You can also send members a message, very similar to facebook.  There are flirts, polls, games, and so much more.

I give this site an honest 8 out of 10.  I would recommend it to others whether you are looking to hookup or just want to chat, flirt, play or make friends online.  I have definitely met some great friends through this website.  

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