Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best Sex Toys For Women

Ladies ever have your boyfriend or husband buy you a sex toy? Sure it is pretty hot in the bedroom to use sex toys. However, he is a man. Does he really know what you enjoy and what feels good? A while back my husband bought me this massive monster 14 inch vibrating dildo. The material alone was just terrible. It was very rubbery, had a hard shaft which did not bend very well. Overall, the size alone was just too big. Secondly, it would irritate me to no end. I thanked him for the gift, but warned him please do not ever buy me another toy again.

I purchase my own, I prefer Doc Johnson. Not only are the prices reasonable, the material is fantastic. They clean up great. Any sex toys should be cleaned to prevent bacteria growth. When we use the Doc Johnson products, they feel good, they do not cause any irritation at all. Plus, when I shop for my own toys I pick the size. Which, yes these toys come in larger sizes, which may be nice feeling for some women. The most important fact I found when purchasing their products was how it felt. I have bought the hard plastic vibrators up to the jelly dildo's. This is my personal experience and preference when shopping for sex toys.

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